james kassay

If you have been living under moss covered rock, you may not have heard about James Kassay. He needs little introduction, From mixing if up with the world cup stage with the worlds best, to crushing outdoor boulder problems mere mortals could only dream of sending. He's one of the nicest guys in the climbing world, he's always down for some campfire banter or some beta advice in the gym. However there is a lot more to James that first meets the eye... Not only has he ticked ungodly high V grades, made finals at boulder world cups, but he's done all this whilst working full time!

He runs Bayside Rock, Victoria's premiere climbing gym, where you will find some of the best setting around and a constant stream of Australia's top athletes training. So if you're ever in Melbourne, head down to Bayside Rock for one of the best sessions you'll ever have!

Age: 31

How long have you been climbing for: 21 ½ years

Favorite movie: Gladiator

Proudest Climbing Achievement: Topping out Amandla in Rocklands. The satisfaction of topping out that boulder was very rewarding
If you were stranded on an island and could have only three things what would you take: My wife, a helicopter and a fully stocked supermarket

If you could learn to do anything what would it be? I would learn to fly!

Comp Climbing or Outdoor climbing: I enjoy a combination of both.

Your top 3 comp results:  2014 ISFC China boulder world cup 4th, 2014 IFSC Canada boulder world cup 6th, 2016 Australia / Continental lead champion.