Will Hammersla

Some say he was born on a pirate ship in a sea of urethane, others say he was raised by wizards in a dark cave, but no matter the stories you hear about Will, few things are truth. Hand him an impact driver and watch as climbing masterpieces are set before your very eyes. Pass off a group of unruely children and watch them develop into rock crushing prodigies. When Will's not setting or coaching he's been known to drag himself up some impressive boulders and routes.

Will is a phenomenal Coach and Route setter, Not only is he the Australian climbing team head coach, but he has also been  the Head route setter for many National and State climbing comps around Australia. In between all this he runs his own coaching and route setting company, Tri-Climbing. If you ever have any climbing questions, he's the man to approach!

Age: Setting wizards have no age.

How long have you been climbing for: I’ve been climbing for over 20 years, started way back in England climbing once a week

Favorite movie: anything thats good

Proudest Climbing Achievement: Being selected as the head route setter for the Australian Boulder Nationals in 2015, It was pretty good except for that one morpho volume....  
If you were stranded on an island and could have only three things what would you take? A Hangboard, my phone and a solar charger so that I could keep updating my Insta feed.

Your top 3 comp results: ahhh, I’m a coach and not a comp climber!

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses? I’d take on the horse size duck for sure, we’d probably just be friends. I’d call him Appa and I could be flown around like Aang in Avatar.

Setting, Climbing or coaching? Don't you mean climbing, coaching and setting!?

Comp Climbing or Outdoor climbing: Comp climbing for sure, rock climbing is lame!