The Solution

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The ultimate solution to all your training needs!

From large pull up jugs, to the smallest micro edges and the perfect slopers, this board has it all!
With its smooth flowing shape cut from a single piece of hardwood, not only does it look beautiful, but it performs at the highest level.

With hold depths and sizes chosen around scientifically proven training methods, the solution hangboard will step up your climbing to a level you never though possible.
Varying radiuses make all the holds finger friendly, and with off-set hold positions your shoulders and wrists will thank you as they maintain a comfortable and constant distance apart.

This board is the one stop shop, and has everything you could ever need to unleash your climbing performance to the next level


offset holds for optimal shoulder and wrist positioning.

Hold choice

with 15 different edges, pockets, slopers and jugs there is always something to train!


each edge is rounded for maximum usability. Not too sharp, not too round.


2 x large incut jugs

Edge depths

7, 10, 18, 28mm

Pocket depths

20, 25, 35 mm


4 x edges

One arm edges

1 x deep 4 finger edge, 1 x deep 2 finger pocket


3 x 2 finger pockets, 2 x mono pockets




Plantation grown Tulip wood


Average of 2kg (varies due to the use of natural materials)


59 x 18 x 5 cm