Bantam Board

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The perfect addition to your existing setup or for those who are tight on space!

The Bantam Board is a micro two-piece board with a total of 4 edges.

Designed in a two-piece layout, this board can be mounted to accommodate your most preferred hanging width, generally this is around shoulder width. As the holds are offset inside the boards, every edge you hang will be the same width apart!

Each board contains a 18mm top edge, and then you choice of inner edge depth from our 4 options. Ranging from 6mm through to 14mm edges, The Bantam board is the perfect addition to your training.

Super Minimalist, yet contains everything you could ever need to train hard and efficiently!

Machined from Plantation grown Tulip wood


Price is for two halves.


6mm - 18mm

choose from 4 options for your preferred edge depth.


offset holds for optimal shoulder and wrist positioning.


each edge is rounded for maximum usability. Not too sharp, not too round.

Each Bantam board is 32 x 5 x 1.8cm in size.