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The ultimate solution to all your training needs!

From large pull up jugs, to the smallest micro edges and the perfect slopers, this board has it all! 
With its smooth flowing shape cut from a single piece of hardwood, not only does it look beautiful, but it performs at the highest level.

With multiple edge depths to choose from, there will always be something to test yourself on.

Why no pockets? During our time coaching and training we've discovered that the best strength finger gains are to made from training programs that revolve around the key grips of strict half crimp and open hand. This comes at a time were more and more data is coming to light in the climbing world to reinforce these principles.

However for those wanting to train their 1 or 2 finger pocket combinations, we have found that it is more beneficial to train these on a wider edge compared to a pocket. This is due to not being able to 'cheat' and gain advantages from the sides of the pockets. You may be humbled, but it will pay dividends in the long run!

With depths ranging from an easy 30mm, down to a small 10mm, and progressing by 3mm it is easier than ever to progress.

Varying radiuses make all the holds finger friendly, and with off-set hold positions your shoulders and wrists will thank you as they maintain a comfortable and constant distance apart.

This board is the one stop shop, and has everything you could ever need to unleash your climbing performance to the next level!


Edge depths: