All Concept Climbing hangboards are designed with the little things in mind. 
Concept Climbing has a strong history in High Performance Climbing Coaching, and we dared to stray out of the box when we designed our range of hangboards.  We started the trend of asymmetric hold layouts and replacing pockets with more edge options.

All our boards have comfortable radiuses on all our edges, you won't find a sharp, tweaky or uncomfortable edge on a Concept Climbing hangboard!
Hangboards are the safest and best way to train finger strength, and with multiple options available we will a board to suit what you are looking for!

We are proud to show off our range of hangboards below


* Please note due to COVID-19 there have been difficulties in sourcing timber to suit the various board sizes, so only the Quarantine board is available*

Sold Out!

Quarantine Board

Out of Stock - Covid 19

Solution #2.0

Out of Stock - Covid 19

The Edge

Out of Stock - Covid 19

Bantam Board

Out of Stock - Covid 19

Crag Board

Out of Stock - Covid 19

Concept Mini

I love it!

Tyson Schoene, Headcoach Team USA .

Huge props, I take mine everywhere now!

Will Hammersla, Bouldering Australia Headcoach, owner of


Fantastic, Great on those cold mornings at the Crag!

James Kassay, World cup boulder finalist & V15 boulderer